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Founded in 1997, Rad Source Technologies, Inc. embarked on a pioneering journey to revolutionize irradiation technology. Our inception was fueled by the ambitious goal of creating viable alternatives to gamma irradiation, addressing both environmental concerns and the practical challenges associated with radioactive sources. This forward-thinking approach was not just a response to the evolving security issues but also a proactive step towards sustainable innovation. In 1999, Rad Source made a significant breakthrough by introducing our first range of products that harnessed the power of x-ray technology. This lineup included the groundbreaking FDA-cleared x-ray blood irradiator and our laboratory research x-ray irradiator, the RS 2000. These products marked the beginning of a new era in non-gamma irradiation solutions. Over the years, our journey of innovation has not slowed down. We have continuously expanded our capabilities, enhancing our proprietary x-ray based irradiation technology. Our efforts have led to the development of unique x-ray sources and state-of-the-art equipment. Today, Rad Source stands as a global leader in the field, with our equipment being an integral part of major pharmaceutical labs, healthcare institutions, and prestigious universities worldwide. Headquartered in Buford, Georgia, USA, our team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals is the driving force behind our technological advancements. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of irradiation technology, ensuring that our designs and products remain at the forefront of the industry. A key area of our expertise is Cannabis Decontamination. Our patented photonic decontamination™ technology sets a new standard in the industry, offering a unique solution that effectively removes contaminants from cannabis flowers. This technology, which operates at room temperature, is gentle on the product, ensuring that there is minimal to no impact on terpenes, potency, or moisture levels. Our process not only guarantees 99.9% confidence in meeting state-mandated testing levels but does so without compromising the integrity of the flower. Our patented Quastar® Photonic Decontamination™ Technology is at the heart of this innovation. This exclusive technology offers the cannabis industry a safe and effective method to inactivate a wide range of challenging microbes, including Mold, Powdery Mildew, Aspergillus, BTGN, Yeast, Salmonella, E. coli, and Coliform. The Quastar® system is a testament to our commitment to providing solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally conscious and safe. At Rad Source, we are driven by a mission to innovate, transform, and lead in the field of non-gamma irradiation technology. Our journey is one of continuous growth, guided by our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and the betterment of the industries we serve.
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