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Cropsalt is a dry-soluble nutrient line created for growers, by growers. Developed in our own commercial cultivation facilities over 20 years, there is no comparison. Cropsalt consists of a 2-part Veg, 2-part Bloom, and Cake. Veg A and B are run from clone to day 21 of flower. Bloom A and B are run day 22 until flush. Cake is run by itself for the final 2 weeks of flower up to chop. No additives are needed and all products are stock tank ready. We also have a controlled release granular and the best de-scaler in the game to keep your lines clog free. We are actual growers with the knowledge and experience to help you succeed. Cropsalt outproduces every line in the game. We encourage everyone to run Cropsalt right next to ANY other nutrient line. Stop by the booth and let's talk cultivation without the sales pitch. We can give you countless reasons as to why we are different, but the difference is in the results.
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Cultivation Products & Services (includes propagation, irrigation, nutrients, harvesting & trimming)
Cultivation Products & Services
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