Cropsalt Nutrient's Cake - Increase your Quality and Yield
Cake is in a league of its own with nothing even close to similar on the market. The industry's first and only nutrient used during flush to increase your crop's value. Cropsalt was the first to promote the use of a finisher during flush rather than plain water. Cake has never contained any nitrogen as nitrogen elimination is the entire purpose of the flush phase. Cake is used to strip nitrogen from the rootzone and block its absorption while still supplying critical nutrients that promote weight and bag appeal.

When the market demanded color, we set out to find a way to make our crops more colorful without sacrificing weight. We knew that color is mostly genetic but we wanted to help those colors come through as much as possible. Nitrogen and color go hand in hand. We knew that low nitrogen levels stimulate the production of anthocyanins, which is color. Low nitrogen levels also trigger a plant to finish. Finishing and adding color is great but not if the result is sacrificed yield. The path to color was clear but now we wanted more. We didn't want to leave anything on the table.

The end result is Cake.

Side-by-sides with Cake versus without on the same strains have shown:

-Up to a 2.5x increase in total terpene content.
-5%-10% increase in final weight.
-30% higher total cannabinoid content
-Drastic increase in color

There is no substitute for Cake. If you're not running it during flush your crop is not hitting its full potential.

Category Video Category 11/14/2023